Student Nurse, prn

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lazy and HOT summer days (and nights)

I should be reading. I am not.

I did manage to get a couple of pleasure reading novels in during the first few weeks of summer vacation. In early July we received a list of the chapters associated to our syllabus so that we could 'get ahead' for the fall semester.
Instant stress. I am all about 'getting ahead' but could we just have a bit more time where we truly didn't have to think about classes?

Now, I have no good excuse not to read as the place where I work has a very low census and all the regular full-time staff are fulfilling the available shifts. Add to that my departure for a two week vacation to what I consider, heaven on earth, my families very remote and rustic cabin (with no electricity, no telephone, no TV), think: silence, the smell of pine tree's, board games, propane lights, outhouses, fishing, walks, paddling the canoe and normally a juicy novel or five. Guess I'll have to see how it all feels while reading a med/surg text.. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

hello (((helllo))) <---the echo

Can you hear me? Mostly this blog is for me.. .. but I am curious if anyone stops by ... *yawn* not that anything exciting has gone on recently.

I did work an AM shift today ..I was placed on the Long Term Care side (not my normal gig) but I was a few minutes late due to a traffic snarl on the highway and sent over there for the day ... two people had called off for their shift ... therefore, and I ended up with 10 patients!! Eight of whom I had to get up/changed/dressed before breakfast. During all this chaos I was busting my *ss and doing my best to acclaimate when the LVN on staff peeked in at me and said she would give me a later lunch assignment because I was 'behind' (with an attitude like I wasn't proficient) and that I "couldn't take my lunch" until I had showered my two patients. OMG. I know one thing I will have much more compassion for the overworked/underpaid CNA's when I become a licensed nurse.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Comfy ol' shoe

I went back and did some CNA work on the AM shift at the facility where I worked last summer/fall/winter. I worked the acute rehab side and it sure feels good to be able to go back and get right into the routine without questioning my abilities (which is the polar opposite of clinicals in the hospital). The proficiency creates a great comfort and confidence in me to think that someday I will also have that feeling with my skills as an LVN. I also really enjoy working with the patients and like to think I can put a smile on their faces. Many patients asked why they had never met me before and some (returning patients/long timers) seemed happy to see me. Doing the simple ADL's that they need assistance with can be very rewarding. Now I am exhausted but satisfied about a good days work. Sleep tight ....zzzzzzzzzzzz