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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My last clinical day .....

I'd say I am speechless but that would be silly.

One last day (1/2 day actually) and we get to chose a unit we want to be in (I think I'll be in ER or the OR) ....and then we meet our instructor for our clinical course evaluation followed by the traditional.... 'take-the-instructor-to-lunch' gig and then clinical is DONE.
Holy Foley!!!! (<--heheh) Pray for a smooth error free day.

Imagine, the next time I will be doing patient care will be when I am licensed.

Edit: Almost forgot the disaster drill went ok. We (the students) did great if I do say so (well the hospital staff did say so!) ...but there was a big lack of communication with the incident site (airport) in regards to the number of incoming patients and whether or not the had been decontaminated from the 'nerve gas'. All this is of course gone over in the debriefing so it can be corrected next time. Overall, it was great to get a feel what a true emergency would be like and how a nurse can contribute as well as all that is involved.


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