Student Nurse, prn

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Listless and calm....

I was looking for the French word in card game I used to play as a kid called "Mille Borne" it's about an auto race and I thought one of the words was Coup de --?-- (graw?) kind of meaning the grand finale but alas Google has failed me or may patience ran out. Help anyone??

So, the title of today's blog describes my current state. I can't kick it --the listless part. I work part time from 1-9pm and on my days off I veg out. I am calm about my upcoming NCLEX-PN exam on July 12th. I know I should be a crazy woman about it but I took 4 days off of work prior and that will have to suffice for crunch studying. The feedback from classmates has been varied. But both had the exam turn off at 85-90 questions. One felt good the other completely unsure. One we heard nothing from.

Oddly, I thought I had posted since the pics. Does blogger eat posts entirely?

Today is day 3 of three off. I am nursing a pulled muscle in my lower neck upper back. Can't move my chin towards my chest or lean it back. Slept in a bad position. Damn this getting older sucks.

Friday, June 02, 2006

PICTURES!!!! Can you believe it? ....I had to fend off the paparazzi

The bestest folks in the world and fellow Nurses.

The entire graduating LVN Class of 2006

Me and my best buddy Brenna after the ceremony, the proud new Nurses *awwww*

Waiting patiently ....

Getting pinned by my all time favorite instructor :o)

Here I am during my 'speech ' to the crowd

This is my 'official' graduation picture with the traditional Nursing cap and all.

Me ...on a regular day

Sorry this took so long. I know I promised it long ago (I had trouble with Blogger and the pics) I hope some of you are still hanging around...

with love, Student Nurse, prn