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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Comfy ol' shoe

I went back and did some CNA work on the AM shift at the facility where I worked last summer/fall/winter. I worked the acute rehab side and it sure feels good to be able to go back and get right into the routine without questioning my abilities (which is the polar opposite of clinicals in the hospital). The proficiency creates a great comfort and confidence in me to think that someday I will also have that feeling with my skills as an LVN. I also really enjoy working with the patients and like to think I can put a smile on their faces. Many patients asked why they had never met me before and some (returning patients/long timers) seemed happy to see me. Doing the simple ADL's that they need assistance with can be very rewarding. Now I am exhausted but satisfied about a good days work. Sleep tight ....zzzzzzzzzzzz


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