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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

hello (((helllo))) <---the echo

Can you hear me? Mostly this blog is for me.. .. but I am curious if anyone stops by ... *yawn* not that anything exciting has gone on recently.

I did work an AM shift today ..I was placed on the Long Term Care side (not my normal gig) but I was a few minutes late due to a traffic snarl on the highway and sent over there for the day ... two people had called off for their shift ... therefore, and I ended up with 10 patients!! Eight of whom I had to get up/changed/dressed before breakfast. During all this chaos I was busting my *ss and doing my best to acclaimate when the LVN on staff peeked in at me and said she would give me a later lunch assignment because I was 'behind' (with an attitude like I wasn't proficient) and that I "couldn't take my lunch" until I had showered my two patients. OMG. I know one thing I will have much more compassion for the overworked/underpaid CNA's when I become a licensed nurse.


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