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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Floating on cloud nine....

Yesterday I received my results from the state board exam and I am elated to report that I...


Each day waiting for the results (4 weeks) seemed like torture but finally the envelope arrived. Then I was afraid to open it. My daughters were home so it was exciting to have them there. It seems so surreal to finally be able to call myself a Nurse.

Ironically, it was 3 years ago this month I started my pre-requisite classes not even sure what nursing was all about but that I wanted to have a great career and a steady income.

What is next to come?

Well, I am still working at the facility (acute rehab) where I was a CNA. I moved to the nursing desk after I graduated and I am doing ward clerk type duties (processing Dr. orders, faxing the pharmacy, ordering xrays and labs in addition to other paperwork). I will continue in this capacity (slightly expanded but still no patient care) until my license (and #) arrives in the mail in another 30 days or so. Then I will begin my training on the floor. I chose to stay at this facility because they are offering a tuition reimbursement program for current employee's who move up and it will be a good to have at least a year of acute nursing experience in a med/surg environment.

So, as my instructor used to say it's time her 'nurse-lets' fly from the nest.

I do plan on going for my RN but at a slower pace I have about 6 pre-requisite classes left. I plan on taking them (mostly sciences) one night class per semester and then enroll in the upward mobility program that is 1 year full time. So, by maybe 2010 I will be an RN.

A big thank you to everyone who has read the blog. I hope maybe some information was helpful to other student nurses. My original intention was just more of a journal but the feedback has been so encouraging especially on the rough days. The medical community is certainly a great one as well as all my other faithful readers.

I have no plans to continue the blog at this time. I don't have an interest in writing about my work but I also don't like to say never. I did start another blog but I find I am not writing much there either maybe I will take a small hiatus and then reconsider. Best of luck and happiness to everyone.

with love,

Nurse Carolyn