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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yesterday was .....

...not as good as the previous day.

I felt like I was behind all day. Two of my seven patients were crying. One got bad news about a good friend living out of state (her friend had brain cancer) and the second patient was so worried about her 8:15 appointment to have her back brace fitted she was beside herself ("Nurse!, does this patient have any anti-anxiety meds? because she needs them ASAP"). All this while trying to get 7 people up into wheelchair's, dressed, beds made, vital signs done, and two meals distributed and two patient showers done. Not to mention all the trips to the toilet (or incontinent brief changes).

My back hurts and I'm TIRED today. Now I remember one of the reasons why I am in nursing school I couldn't handle the physical demands of being the CNA (Nursing Assistant) for much longer.

I am thinking about a massage today (thanks for the suggestion Marcheline) I can feel the tension starting to fade away. TGIF!!!


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