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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Day 6 ...can you spell pneumonia?

There are some words that no matter how often I write them down I can't remember the spelling. In fact I have always been a bad speller... I can spot a misspelled word in text but I couldn't tell you how to spell it correctly... and medical terms are just a accident waiting to happen. :o)

We are at 'Day 6'. Today in theory lecture the topic was supposed to be review. We did some miscellaneous stuff but got very little time for review. The good news is I did an hour + of time with my study buddy and went over Respiratory acidosis and alkalosis and I feel much better about it now. *whew*

Today was also clinical prep lab and I have two more new patients (both male) in the final week of clinical at the hospital. I'll write about them more tomorrow.

Right now I am in a combination of fear (for the final exam) and excitement (to have the semester over). I am looking forward to the 30 days off but I know it will go by like a flash with the holidays mixed in. I have a list as long as my arm of stuff I put on the back burner to focus on school.


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