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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Day 0 .....

Not sure what to say today.... this test was even more what difficult than I expected. I felt like I studied A LOT and was prepared.

Best comment from a classmate today at the mid-exam break was (this is a fella who is normally very quiet)..."I fell like I am going to vomit", .....enough said.

Now it's time to concentrate on tomorrow's clinical skills exam. We have 45 minutes to perform in front of our instructor. We choose one of three taped nursing reports. The one tape will include information about 2 patients. We then pick the patient with the highest priority of care and do what is needed for that patient. There are 3 skills that we may have to perform based on the taped report we chose. Either insert a Foley catheter, insert an NG tube or do a sterile dressing change. Also, there will either a mixed insulin injection or a mixed IM injection. After all is done we must do a nursing note and verbal report to the instructor.

All while not forgetting to knock on the door, introduce yourself, check the patients name, ID band, inform the patient of the procedure, provide for privacy, gather the equipment, check the room for patient safety issues,
wash your hands and complete the task according to the proper technique.


  • I hope everything went well! Best wishes for a good holiday break from another nursing student out there! Being done with finals feels so good, doesn't it?

    Enjoyed reading your blog,
    Kate in Houston, Texas

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