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Monday, January 23, 2006

Math, scrubs and blogging...

Just a lil of this and that today ...Miscellaneous thoughts, if you will.

Math... each semester we are tested on our math skills. The work/problems don't get any harder it just keeps us in check with the skill. First semester we had to pass with an 80%, second semester 90% and third semester 100%. Personally I think once you learn the few formula's needed for nursing math and some conversions etc. it's not all that bad. I am no math whiz by any means but I also don't get the same test anxiety with math as I do with other tests. Thankfully.

So, far I have passed each time EXCEPT Friday, *ugh* I missed one problem. I'm not freaked out but I felt we had a badly worded question in the bunch. The stats were; 2 students passed, 5 did not. All five missed that SAME question. I felt there were two correct answers one in grams and one in milligrams. The instructor just asked what would you waste from the syringe not specifying VOLUME. I intend to argue it in class tomorrow --wish me luck. I'll post the problem word for word later so you can judge for yourself. I just can't recall the exact wording now.
I should have been concerned I was the first person done with the test. Even after I did a full re-check.

I was reading another Nursing related blog the other day and Miliner's Dream was talking about the scrubs they were issued to wear, mentioning the color (kinda a royal blue). How lucky is she!! We wear head to toe white. I have very pale skin and blonde hair this is NOT a great color next to my face especially when it is also everywhere else too! Plus they are odd, the top has a zipper from neck to bottom, the pants have a permanent pleat and the jacket is blouse with a round neck not the exam coat type. I can't wait to choose my own when I graduate.

Lastly, I got a nice comment from a fellow blogger whom I read and I mentioned what I look like. Unfortunately, because I occasionally blog about patients I have decided to remain anonymous due to the HIPAA regulations and patient privacy. Guess I will have to email a pic to Chelle. And that reminds me I need to update my links. I read way to many blogs that are not listed. :o)

Lecture tomorrow and then we get to teach the incoming RN class how to make beds and take blood pressures on Wednesday. It always amazes me that the RN student come into the program with NO HANDS on experience. Being a CNA first is a huge advantage for us LVN students at least we know the basics of patient care. I'll try and be NICE. *grins* Mostly because this is an exercise to help RN student understand how working with a TEAM is advantageous.

Week 2 of 16 .....enjoy!


  • I am so jealous. We too have calculations exams twice every year. Ours get harder every year and we are required to get 100% to pass. (I have passed all first time so far, touch wood my success continues). Last year the teachers just used the same questions (for practice) as they did from the year before, they didn't even bother to correct the MANY mistakes in the answers they supplied!!! very frustrating.

    By Blogger Unimum209, at 7:36 PM  

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