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Friday, November 18, 2005

Go......Team work!!

I was sending a reply to a fellow student at his blog and got to thinking about team work.

My Nursing class can accommodate 12 students. We started first semester with 11 (not sure why). We had two students leave the program around the 8th week (of a sixteen week semester). One student discovered Nursing wasn't what he thought it was going to be and one girl was not a good exam taker so I think she didn't pass the Pharmacology final (she knew the material but they never inform the other students why the person left). So, we ended the first semester with 9 classmates.

Second semester we started with 7 students, During the summer break we 'lost' two students. One decided that there were aspects to Nursing that she didn't care for (even tho she was in the health care field) and the other had family/personal medical issues that prevented her from continuing the semester (she will pick it up during the next fall session).

We are now holding at a tight group of 7. I am really enjoying the team work efforts of my fellow classmates. There are 6 females and one male. Our male student a loner by nature and we have come to understand that about him he tries to tolerate us very verbal women the best he can. We recently were let out of clinical early and opted to all have lunch together and even got him to join us --progress!

When I met this bunch of folks I was very ambivalent about them. Said to myself, well they are OK but I don't see myself bonding with any of them. After all this time I can say I truly have admiration and respect for each and every person in my class. We look out for each other, we help each other and we share our knowledge willingly and selflessly and it feels good to be part of tight knit group.


  • The best thing about any organization is the teamwork that develops. It is what happens between the team members that determines whether the job or class or whatever is going to be a positive or negative experience. I would much rather work at a lower paying job with a nice group of people than something better-paying with jerks.

    By Blogger Neil, at 7:18 PM  

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