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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Distance sucks....

I don't normally blog about personal stuff but this crosses the line from personal to nursing/medical ...

I just found out my Mom is in the hospital. *ugh* and My folks live 2 hours away (by car). Mom is only 60, very lively, spry, those seem like weird words to describe her let's put it this way ...she's the HIP Grandma, (as in COOL) get the picture? Totally close with my two daughters.

Well, she had the stomach flu. Was up all night before last with typical symptoms, emesis and diarrhea, yesterday she gets in the shower at 6pm-ish after my Dad had returned from some errands. He's watching the boob-tube and hears a crash. Calls out. Nothing. Gets up finds Mom in a crumpled pile in the shower (small square glass enclosure) ...not responsive, she has had a syncopal episode (passed out). He lifts her eyelids and her eyes roll back. Calls 911. Go Dad. She's unconscious for maybe total of 2 mins. Paramedic/EMT's come get her up and transferred to a gurney and to the local hospital.

Trip to the ER. Xrays, CT scan. Diagnosis: Cracked vertebrae L5 (Lumbar 5 the last one before your sacrum and coccyx) and low potassium level. Start pain meds. 11pm agree to admit to hospital. 2am in room.

Talked to her at 10:30am she had just gotten breakfast (WTF). Asked her the name of her nurse, she had no idea, no one had introduced themselves! (WTF) She's in a ton of pain and getting morphine IV and now Percocet PO (by mouth) and potassium PO. Dr. says rest you will go home tomorrow AM.

Her potassium (K+) was most likely low due to the emesis and diarrhea from the flu.

It sucks to be far enough away I can't go and give her a hug but my bro lives close and my Dad is very capable. I just can't concentrate on anything right now.


  • Sorry to hear about your mum. Hope she has a quick recovery. Too bad you can't be there to give the nursing staff a piece of your mind....I'd like to.

    Good luck on your speech! I'm cheering you on!

    By Blogger Eve C., at 9:18 PM  

  • I can't believe she didn't even know her nurse's name! Where I work, we had to sign a freakin' paper saying we'd smile at strangers in the hallway, let alone tell our patients our names...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:57 AM  

  • Oh, good luck hon.

    By Blogger Mona Buonanotte, at 11:10 AM  

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