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Friday, October 07, 2005

Did someone say Foley?

Well, I knew this would come up soon in clinical. The FIRST Foley catheter. OK ya, we did it in clinical lab on the mannequins fine --but real anatomy is not perfect like dear ol' mannequin gal.

My classmate had rushed over this AM to tell me about her attempts in the L&D/OR room to insert a Foley. She went through 3 kits before she had success! All the time with an audience (the OR tech, RN, Dr. etc.) but luckily the patient was anesthetized from the waist down and fully distracted by the other activities in the room.

After hearing her hilarious, yet embarrassing story, it was now my turn. Calm environment (antipartum) with a patient not in active labor, non-english speaking, a great RN (from yesterday) and my clinical instructor. I was ready both mentally and with my supplies.

I've talked before about my test anxiety but oddly enough I do not tend to get clinical anxiety at all. It's like a big calmness just comes over me and I can think clearly. Best part was I got it on the FIRST try ..and used only one kit.

My instructor seemed pleased and I was offered to shave prep the patient also.
It was a super good way to end my time in L&D and post partum. Now back to the books for some more theory.


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