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Friday, September 30, 2005

TGIF baby

What a great week in L&D!!. Score pad reads: 3 c-sections, 1 vaginal birth. *Whoohooo* and 4 happy healthy Mom's with babies (2 boys and 2 girls--an even score for the population). Two of the c-sections were early AM and planned. The vaginal was planned and AWESOME to watch (4th baby girl for the Mom) and the last c-section although un-planned was a success (breach position prompted the last minute c-sect). It was my first time being on 'the other side' of vaginal birth after having two of my own. I have to say the body continues to amaze and never more so than a baby coming through the birth canal. C-sections are so quick and efficient now I can sometimes understand why the Doc's swing that direction these days.

I have to admit though I'm a bit worried that I was too lax on my assessment paper work due to the sheer wonderment of the past two days. I have a feeling that will bite me in the butt from my instructors point of view but I just got so wrapped up in all of it not to mention that the RN's weren't proactive in explaining what they were doing and why knowing full well I was an LVN student.


  • I am almost 6 weeks away from my due date of my first child. A girl- as long as there are no surprises. Enjoyed your thoughts and excitment today. I am hoping to have a natural vaginal (no meds) delivery.


    By Blogger BraunDuin, at 4:17 PM  

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