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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Screaming kids? nope, no way, forget it ....(and a final on Tuesday)

Here I go again, ever so glad to prove myself wrong. Peds; never thought in a million years I would consider it. Even told folks, what areas interested me but mentioned, "except for Peds it's too close to home I can't handle kids in pain".

Wrong. WRONG.

I spent two days in a Pediatrics clinic. Loved it. Even the injection clinic. Yup. Go figure. The LVN's are mainly procedural in this type of clinic (think: injections, ear washes, splints, wound care, hearing tests, straight caths, urine dips, suture removal, etc.)

I liked the environment, the pace, the staff, all of it. It has proven me well to keep an open mind on exactly what I want to do in the future...

Even might consider working for the state in a very long term care facility; prison. Just a thought.

Now back to Tuesday we had our Final for Peds (what a co-winkydink) and we have yet to get the results back. Patience is a VIRTUE. Wish me luck :o)

The fun continues with a quiz this Tuesday and a mid-term next Tuesday ...all with the start of 3 weeks (3 days a week) in a SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) that's an hour away from my home, arrival at promptly 6:30am ...did I ever tell you I am NOT a morning person *ugh*


  • Hey - just checked out your blog since you left a comment on mine... good luck with your nursing! My mom became a nurse while I was in high-school - it was kind of cool doing homework together. Since I helped her study, I got familiar with the medical terminology and it helped me a lot later on in life, when I became a cop, since we were required to be EMTs as well...

    I wish you well in your endeavors! And congrats on getting the foley in first try... I remember my mom's stories about that. She still tells them, actually. She's good at them, but some of the nurses she works with would rather do ANYTHING than put one of those in!



    By Blogger Marcheline, at 11:59 AM  

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    By Blogger Marcheline, at 11:59 AM  

  • What in the heck is a unrine dip?

    By Blogger Anonymous blogger, at 11:24 AM  

  • Anon,

    A urine dip is a patients urine sample and special strip that is dipped in the urine and then tested simultaneously for the presence of glucose, ketones, blood, protein, nitrite, pH, urobilinogen, bilirubin, leucocytes in urine as well as specific gravity.


    ~SVN, prn

    By Blogger SVN, prn, at 5:59 PM  

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